The Most Important Thing You Need To Understand About Angular

Tomas Trajan
22 min readNov 22, 2022

The Angular “Template Context” is a practically useful mental model, which once internalized, will be your main guide on the journey to build the best possible Angular applications!

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This article is pretty long, but don’t worry, it’s not because Angular is just soooo damn complicated… It’s because we’re painting a very board picture and looking at it from all the imaginable angles so that in the end you will end up with 100% full understanding of the topic!

In theory you could just search for the heading saying “Template context” , but I would strongly advise to check the whole thing 😉

TLDR; — In Angular, template related things — declarables (components, directives and pipes) — that use each other in their templates have to be part of THE SAME “template context” which is defined by @NgModule (or the component itself when using new stand-alone components — STAC — approach), application then usually has multiple “origin template contexts”, namely the eager (root) one and then for every lazy loaded @NgModule. On the other hand, every STAC defines it’s own “template context” in full.

Hey folks! Recently there have been a great new surge of Angular buzz and for a good reason!

The new exciting times…



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