Level Up Your NgRx Skills With 10 Time-Tested Best Practices

Tomas Trajan
18 min readMay 4, 2022
Nature knows the best! Be like nature 😉 (📷 & 🎨 by Tomas Trajan)

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UPDATE 🎥 Check out another recording focusing on more in-depth aspects of the concepts explored in this blog post with Christian Lüdemann at his podcast!

Hey folks! 👋

Some of you might have realized my article publishing frequency went a bit stale for quite some time but you can be sure it was for a good reason… Especially because there is a silver lining to all of this!

Last two years, I have spent all my free time developing OMNIBOARD — the best tool for software engineers that helps them to understand and evolve polyrepo environments of their enterprise organization, it has a pretty powerful free plan with unlimited projects so make sure to check that out! 😉

OMNIBOARD allows you to analyze all your project repositories with custom checks and create dynamic dashboards to understand your environment, track progress and evolve code bases

As you might have guessed, my preferred tools to work with are Angular & NgRx and that’s exactly what I used to build Omniboard!

Developing a SaaS product as a solo developer allowed me to gain valuable experience while being forced to be brutally honest about what does and doesn’t work!

And that's exactly what I am going to share with you now!

While you might have figured out many of the best practices by yourself when using NgRx in one of your projects or by reading about them as there are many great NgRx articles out there, You can bet there is always that one or two things which are going to be new and worth learning, plus there will be realistic code examples for every tip!

⚠️ ☕☕☕☕☕ This is a pretty long article (~15min) so don’t worry about reading the whole thing in one go, just come back when you need to refresh specific part you’re working on.


  1. Use schematics to generate whole NgRx state features
  2. Recognize and leverage the NgRx 80/20 Rule



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