How To Stay Up To Date With Releases Of Popular Frameworks

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Introducing Release Butler — A Twitter Bot That Helps You To Stay Up To Date With Releases Of Popular Frontend Frameworks & Libraries!

Keeping up to date with the latest versions of your favorite frameworks is hard…

Too much of anything can be bad for you

The goals

How does it work?

Some of the projects currently supported by Release Butler
Example of a tweet made by Release Butler, this time for Webpack v4.4.0

Follow Release Butler on Twitter to stay up to date with releases of popular frontend frameworks & libraries !

Anatomy of a tweet

Additional functionality

Get a changelog of any version of your favorite open source project as a beautiful image and use it in your blog post, slides or tweet

Get a beautiful changelog of any version of any GitHub OSS project directly on website
Changelog image created by Release Butler

Release Butler aims to help people share beautiful changelogs with ease!

The stack

A dedicated post about biggest takeaways and lessons learned is coming soon

The biggest pain point

Refactoring of plain old JavaScript without the help of Typescript compiler is just painful

Oh no, repo is undefined after renaming some of the arguments 3 folders away… Wouldn’t happen with Typescript!

Note to self ✍️ — Open source releases and changelogs can be a huge mess

World would be a much better place if everybody just used built-in GitHub releases functionality

The roadmap

More libraries

Themes and formatting improvement

Promoted libraries

That’s it for today!

And never forget, future is bright

Obviously the bright future!

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