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  • Michael Jacobson

    Michael Jacobson

    Frontend Developer working with Angular for 10+ years. I love solving problems and building cool stuff. I sweat the details because…I love the details.

  • Alex Yevseyevich

    Alex Yevseyevich

    Enjoy studying modern web and blockchain smart contract technologies. The current focus of interest: Angular, NgRx, Ethereum DApps

  • Madleina Scheidegger

    Madleina Scheidegger

    Engineering Manager at Google working on Angular to build tools for developers.

  • Wojciech Trawiński

    Wojciech Trawiński

    Doing awesome things using JavaScript

  • Martina Petkova

    Martina Petkova

    I tell stories about history and the human psyche.

  • Levent Arman Özak

    Levent Arman Özak

    Twitter: @ArmanOzak — Angular GDE, founder of NG Turkey, team member ABP Framework, JavaScript developer & consultant

  • Miroslav Jonaš

    Miroslav Jonaš

    👨‍💻 Senior JS Eng. 🐳🦄 @nrwl_io • 📢 @AngularVienna and @viennajs org • 🇦🇹 Co-founder of @AngularAustria • 📝 blogger • 🗣️ speaker• 🧙‍♂️ open sourcerer

  • Mark Thompson (@marktechson)

    Mark Thompson (@marktechson)

    Mark is a Developer Advocate on the Angular Team at Google.

  • Roman Sedov

    Roman Sedov

    Angular Google Developer Expert / marsibarsi.me

  • Artur Androsovych

    Artur Androsovych

    @ngxs core developer • AWS Certified Solutions Architect • https://github.com/arturovt

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